NOMO Sheboygan County


NOMO Sheboygan County makes bicycling and walking a more convenient, safe, and appealing means of transportation by investing in nonmotorized facilities and outreach initiatives.  Area residents and visitors alike are invited to experience the impact of leaving the car at home as they create better lifestyles and better communities. 

NOMO Sheboygan County is the local brand for the federally funded Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NMTPP).  In 2005, the US Congress adopted a new transportation budget which included special provisions to create the NMTPP.  As part of the program, each of the four pilot communities chosen for the grant would receive up to $25 million per year to show the extent to which bicycling and walking can have on the transportation system.  Locally, this has been facilitated with the construction of sidewalks, bike lanes, paved shoulders, and multi-use pathways.  Providing the facilities is not enough if people do not understand the benefits of using them, though.  To encourage public awareness, Sheboygan County NOMO hosts several outreach projects to provide incentives and events to garner interest in biking and walking.  The program is still developing its network of nonmotorized transportation facilities that connect neighborhoods, retail centers, schools, recreational amenities, and employment centers to give people transportation choices that encourage a mode shift from private automobile to biking or walking. 

By 2035, Sheboygan County’s pedestrian and bicycle facilities will be an efficient, connecting system of routes and facilities that provides a safe, convenient, and viable transportation choice for Sheboygan County residents and visitors.  

Sheboygan County has once again been declared a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists for the 2015-2019 cycle!